Saturday, December 15, 2018

Mole vs Toots

Proper football weather wasn't it...

So matchday: I haven't done a blog for a while as I've been doing YouTube vlogs... But it's about time for a blog

Today we were away to Molesley and I was looking forward to another BogEnd away day... Seeing as it's close to the River Thames it can get flooded quite quickly round there, and with the Weather forecast saying it was going to rain, what could possibly go wrong?

Todays opponents Molesley only got 14 people in attendance for their game vs Cheshunt earlier in the season, so it was quite obvious that we were going to outnumber the home side support wise. When we arrived at Molesley's ground Walton Road it started to piss down with rain.

Molesley's bar was quite nice and they were a very welcoming club. When we walked into the ground the lady on the turnstyle very kindly gave me a free chocolate. We were in the ground and it continued to piss down with rain. I went to get my chips and they were quite nice.

So the teams come out with the Terrors playing in Plum (not pink) and we went behind the goal. There was a bus shelter at both end at Molesley's ground and it was just big enough the fit the travelling Bogend...

After a minute Daryl Coleman scored the give the Terrors the lead... Clearly the football web pages app had one to many beers and said that the Terrors were 2-0 up after 3 minutes... We hadn't scored a second goal so clearly Football web pages were making up goals...

The first half continued with Tooting having a few more chances with nothing coming from them. So the half time whistle went with Tooting leading and the rain coming down.

We stayed in the bar at half time to keep out of the horrible rain. We stood behind the goal in the second half waiting for the teams to come out. The referee was doing a pitch inspection to see if the pitch was playable for the game to continue.

But the rain continued to come down so the referee decided it was not playable so the game was Abandoned. 'Were Tooting And Mitcham, we'll play in the rain' the Tooting fans chanted. But it came to no good as the game was Abandoned with Tooting leading 1-0 at the time.

Next week we are away to Chipstead and hopefully we will get to see a full 90 minute game.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Why I support Tooting

To make up for there being no blog during the weekend, I'm doing one now to talk about why I support Tooting And Mitcham.

So when I was a little toddler I had no interest in football. I was screaming "turn it off" during the 2006 Fa cup final between Liverpool and West Ham when it was on tv. I also said when I was little, "I'm going to break the football". Little did I know that a few years later it would be the thing I love the most.

My main passion was buses. I forced Hackbridge Harry to come on buses with me every Saturday. We probably went on 10 buses every Saturday. It was like that every year until I was 6 years old. Than it all changed.

One day Hackbridge Harry took me to my first Football match. It was an AFC Wimbledon vs Arsenal pre season friendly. During the game I was concerned with players fell over thinking that they hurt themself. I couldn't wait to get out the ground and get on a bus.

One morning, I was messing around in my house. Hackbridge Harry took me out of the house to go football. I thought we were going to watch Arsenal but instead we were going to watch someone else, Their Name, Tooting And Mitcham United. I walked into the ground, which later become my second home, and it was love at first sight. Tooting And Mitcham were playing Wingate And Finchley in the Ryman premier league. It was a 1-1 draw.

In my first few Tooting games I was more interested in the buses going past outside the ground. On a matchday we used to go to a kebab shop in Mitcham and order chips. We walked to the ground and ate our chips on the BogEnd. I soon started getting into it. The first season I supported Tooting was the 2011-12 season when we got Relegated. Hackbridge Harry asked me after every game if I still wanted to go as we kept on losing every week. I loved the club so much even though I had only been watching them for 1 season.

Ever since that 1-1 draw with Wingate And Finchley I have never looked back. I have seen them get relegated twice, promoted once, win a cup final and lose a cup final. It's been very eventful and I couldn't imagine how I could live without Tooting And Mitcham.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Hanwell Town vs Tooting And Mitcham

So a Tooting win, shouting at people at Bus stops and a portion of chips. That's what I call a Tooting away day.

So it started at 1:15pm when we got picked up in Mitcham. While waiting to get to Hanwell I played a bit of football manager mobile. And so after a while we finally got to the ground.

First Stop, we got some chips. While waiting for the chips I went on my phone and added the game on the groundhopper app. And the chips came. I couldn't find the salt but it was on another table.

Chips Report: 7.5/10

The chips were very nice and when I finished the teams came out. Hanwell wearing normal Terrors colours black and white with Tooting wearing plum (Not pink). The game kicked off and I walked behind the goal waiting for the BogEnd boys to come round so we could start chanting.

There were slightly less Tooting fans at Hanwell than there was at Egham, but we were still making a racket. Nothing much happend during the first half but Toots had a few chances and Tooting keeper Luke Colquhoun made some good saves. In the latter stages of the first half Tooting scored from a corner but there was much debate of if Dominic Morgan Griffiths scored or it was an own goal.
The ref blew for half time and we went to the bar.

Half Time: Hanwell 0-1 Tooting

There was still debate about who scored the goal but Football Web Pages had it as an own goal (sorry Dom). So I ate a packet of crisps and checked the other scores in the Bostik South Central and beyond. I put my gloves back on as it was freezing and went out for the second half.

Tooting were shooting towards the end with no cover under it. The second half was the coldest I felt at a footy match since South Park away back in 2015. We were next to a main road so it was quite loud behind us but the BogEnd boys were still making all the noise.

Former Terror Gareth Chendlik came on for Hanwell too thank him for his time playing for Tooting And Mitcham we let him score to make the score 1-1. Hanwell's keeper looked pissed off that his team had scored and described Gareth as a wanker. He than said "every Time he scores he goes on about it for ages."

Tooting got back into the game straight away and had a few chances. Some Hanwell players commited some bad fouls and Tooting had a free kick. The ball came in and Danny Bassett got given too much time on the ball to put it in and give Tooting a 2-1 lead.

There was a bus stop on the other side of the fence so Hackbridge Harry shouted at the people at the bus stop letting them know the score. "It's 2-1 Tooting, were winning 2-1."

The game continued with Tooting trying to see out the game and Hanwell were pushing for an equaliser. Hanwell had a few chances but Tooting were seeing out the game well. The ref decided to not blow the whisle and play forever. Finally the ref blew his whisle and Tooting had won again.

Full Time: Hanwell Town 1-2 Tooting And Mitcham

I was so relived at full time and we had won our 3rd game in a row. Get In There Tooting.

So I shouted over the fence to the people at the bus stop letting them know the full time score. The Tooting Players came over to shake our hands thanking us for our support. I was delighted at full time and went to the bar to have a full time celebratory drink.

I went on my phone to check the other scores and to tell my mates the score. We went home to enjoy the night and celebrate another Tooting win.

Sadly the night celebrations were dampened due to the events that happened at Leicester City. I hope everyone involved is alright.

Hanwell had a nice little set up with a nice bar and great chips. We received a very warm welcome by all at Hanwell. Good Luck for the rest of the season.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Egg & Ham vs Toot & Mitch

So that was fun...
Well that was probably the worst 4-3 game you are ever likely to see. 2 teams towards the bottom of the table faced off in what was a big game for both sides.
So we arrived at Egham's ground which was very nice and looked quite old skool. The bar was very old skool and had a pool table which a few Terrors fans were playing on after the game. We arrived with about 20 minutes before the game kicked off so still time for the first fanta of the day. We walked into the ground with the teams coming out. "Come On Tooting" chanted the Bog End who outnumberd the home fans. The attendance was 87 and about 50 of that were Toots fans. The atmosphere was building and the BogEnd were chanting.
The first half was a traditional Tooting performance (playing shit) and after 15 minutes we were alredey 2-0 down. FFS. It was all doom and gloom. When the second goal went in I kicked the back of the stand in anger. I got my fucking foot stuck in it and it took about 30 seconds to get my foot out. This was probably the highlight of the first half.
We managed to get a penalty and Danny Bassett was taking it. Was this the chance for the Terrors to get a consolation goal? The kick Was taken and the keeper was about a million miles of his line and saved it. Retake. Danny Bassett took the penalty again and the keeper saved it again (When the penalty was taken I ducked because I didn't want the ball to hit me, it's happend before at a Toots game.) But luckily Danny Bassett scored the rebound.
But as Tooting like to do when we score, we feel sorry for Egham that they havent kept a clean sheet, we let them score a third and give them a 3-1 lead. That was nice of us wasn't it. This gave us a uphill task to get back into the game...
Half Time: Egham Town 3-1 Tooting And Mitcham
We walked into the bar at half time to continue moaning about the first half. Hackbridge Harry gave me another fanta to make me feel a bit better about myself. I was fucking fuming. I was too angry to go out for the second half and tweeting about how shit the first half was. After a while I thought, fuck it, let's get even more miserable and go out and watch the second half.
I walked behind the goal to see Egham's yoof firm were there too. The Egham schooligans were actually great fun. They were really funny with some of their chants, credit to them. Nothing really happend on the pitch until the 67th minute. But behind the goal was where the fun was. A few Toots fans chanted to the Egham yoof, "back to school on Monday," before I told them it was half term. The yoof resonded, "back to a care home tomorrow," which in my opinion was fucking hilarious. In the 67th minute the Terrors got another consolation goal to make it 3-2 to Egham. There was now belief on the BogEnd that we could get an equaliser and a possible winner. The BogEnd boys were chanting,"come on you stripes" and the Terrors were now on top.
Tooting got an equaliser in the 74th minute and if there was a team to win the game, it was gonna be Tooting. It took just 3 minutes for us to score the winner and the BogEnd went crazy. Me and a few others climbed over the fence and ran on the pitch. Toots had gone from 3-1 down to 4-3 up. Please Tooting don't bottle this like we did against Northwood.
The last 10 minutes felt like a million years but Egham didn't score and Tooting held on to win 4-3. Get The Fuck In! The BogEnd started celebrating and there was pure joy and relief that we won. The performance wasn't the best but I couldn't care less. We had a few celebratory drinks at full time and played pool in the bar. Sadly the Terrors stayed In 15th in the league but that didn't damper our celebrations at all.
Full Time: Egham Town 3-4 Tooting And Mitcham
After a few drinks and a few games of pool we than went home with 3 points. Get In There Tooting!
Egham's ground was really good and had cover all around it. It was quite an old skool ground with a very old skool bar, a proper football ground. Thanks for the hospitality and good luck for the rest of the season.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Bogend Ant first one

So hello everyone, welcome to my first blog. So on here you will see all the happiness and sadness of following The mighty Terrors (mainly sadness) and all the great memories of the past.

I'm a 13 year old Terror and have supported Tooting for about 8 years now. I have seen 1 promotion, 2 relegations, 1 cup final win and 1 cup final defeat during my time following them.

Right now has not been a very good time for the club, with relegation last season and a slow start to the season but I'm sure the good times will come back soon. COME ON YOU TERRORS